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From start to finish, we make your pet’s health and wellbeing our top priority. Each appointment takes approximately 2-4 hours.

Choose How You Want Us to Care for Your Pet!

Pet Sitting

Our Pet Sitting service typically includes one of our nearby pet sitters stopping by once or multiple times a day to take care of any of your pet’s needs.

Pet Minding

Pet sitting is the act of temporarily taking care of another person's pet for a given time frame. It commonly occurs at the pet owner's home

Pet Training

The key to a good dog is a well-trained dog. When you train together, an unspoken language builds between you through words, hand signals, whistles and other methods. Test your training skills.


Pet Grooming. puppies guide is offering an affordable pet grooming service for dogs and cats! All funds earned from pet grooming, will go directly back

Pricing Plans

Dog Walking

Group Walk (Max 4 Dogs)

USD $ 15/hr

Solo Walk

USD $ 10/hr

Pet Sitting

Calling all pet & travel lovers. Stay for free with adorable animals in unique homes around the world. Sit as often as you like, wherever you like.

Dog Sitting / Cat Sitting

USD $ 10/hr

Pet Pop Ins

USD $ 8/hr

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At check-in, a safety-certified salon associate will perform a thorough Hands-On Pet Assessment to address your pet’s unique needs. During this assessment, we will check your pet’s skin, coat, ears, nails and teeth in order to customize your pet’s service just for them.

puppies guide Grooming Salons proudly carry FRONTLINE® Plus. The solution can be purchased in our store and then brought into the Grooming Salon for application, or you can purchase a Flea & Tick Package and we will provide the FRONTLINE® Plus solution for your pet. If you are looking for a more natural option, we now offer Only Natural Pet flea & tick repellant in our Grooming Salons as well! 

Yes, we offer express grooming services. An express service includes an expedited service provided by a dedicated grooming professional, limiting the amount of time your pet will spend in the salon. When the groom is complete, your pet will be returned to you right away, so we will ask you to stay in or near the store during your pet’s appointment.

  • Understand your pet’s triggers: The salon can be a noisy place and may cause nervousness in some pets. For example, some pets become uncomfortable around other pets, or when they are exposed to loud noises, such as barking. Be sure to flag any stress triggers, as well as calming techniques, with your groomer.
  • Visit the salon: Stop by the Grooming Salon several days before the appointment and introduce your pet to the groomer. This will also help them get used to the activity, smells and sounds of the salon. You can help prepare them for grooming by touching their paws during play, getting them accustomed to the groomers who will handle their paws and using common household items (like an electric toothbrush) to acclimate them to the humming noise and vibrations of hair clippers and nail grinders.
  • Health & welfare: Grooming or bathing your pet once about every four-to-six weeks, either at home or with a professional groomer, will keep your pet happy and healthy and allow them to be regularly checked for any abnormalities, such as ticks, fleas and dry patches or problems with nails, teeth, ears and eyes.

Pets who have recently been vaccinated, have active infections or have underlying health issues are at higher risk of injury from stress. Older pets, those with special challenges, pets who have recently experienced stressful life changes or injuries are at higher risk of experiencing stress or aggravating a condition during grooming. Be sure to flag any special conditions with your groomer and note all pertinent information on the provided salon card.